Thursday, March 29, 2012

New name and all that.

Captain_Bob AKA MIA Adam owned the old domain He went missing and hasn't turned up since so the DNS isn't directed to the new server which is on PsychoGoldfish's end. So it's dead even though the guy payed for another year with the domain. I think he was abducted and made a love slave for some evil terrorists in Cambodia but what do I know.

I would make a nice site but I am incredibly broke right now after buying some important stuff so I can't pay for hosting despite only costing $10 /month. I will be going to the food bank this month I assure you.

So the name change was just a random idea to solve the Captain_Bob crisis. And because we could use a fresh name. Blam Radio is catchy, fun sounding, and simple. Radiogrounds was a little passé.

Server is back up and can be tuned into at I want the server to be fresh but Josh needs to get his auto playlist working again for me to fetch new songs.

Want to help out? Drop me and email at to concur. Please include a link to your ng account so I can see who I am talking to.

The Facebook page is still because you can't change page titles if you have over 100 likes. Not sure what I'm going to do with that.

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